Cases written for ICCs

In 2016 and 2013 FEP-U.Porto ICC editions, both cases were written by FEP students together with the FICT Coordinators (and a non-FEP co-author in one of the 2016 cases, César Lima):


– 2013: “EDP: Is the future Blowing in the Wind”: Isabel Maria Sá, Tiago Devesa and Renata Blanc (main case)

– 2013: “Ramos Pinto, Whats next for Port Wine Jewler”: Miguel Lopes and Renata Blanc (short case)


– 2016: “Sonae Investment Management: Grabbing the Retail Hype”; Catarina Roseira, Renata Blanc, César Lima (main case)

– 2016:”Porto Scaling Up”, André Flórido, Renata Blanc, Catarina Roseira (short case)


– 2020: “DOTT – Seizing Unexpected Growth Opportunities”; Catarina Roseira, Renata Blanc


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